-Goat 6 way 45 dn and 35 dn.
-Goat Tripe, livers, Cubes in a 2.2 lb retail bag.
-Goat carcass polistock 35 dn skin on and skin off.
-Burnt goats (6 way, heads, feet).

-Mutton 6 way 45 dn and 35 dn.
-Mutton carcass polistock.
-Mutton cuts (legs b/in, bnlss, shoulders, shanks).

Australian goat meat is naturally lean, and lower in saturated fat and cholesterol. These animals are pasture raised with no added hormones, and no additional additives giving this product a longer shelf life. Sustainable Farming Practices are also used to ensure continued environmental quality, and enhance economic viability. Product is traceable, so you will know exactly where you product came from.